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Value Engineering

Value engineering has conventionally been known to provide an optimized and economical engineering solution.

Presently Ramo offers various services for a diversified domain:

Ground Improvement Solutions

•      Deep Vibro Compaction Technique is able to increase the density of the Sand and can replace conventional Driven Pile.

•      This technique is applicable for storage tanks, pipe racks foundations, process plants, ware house and roads.

•      Prefabricated Vertical Drain is most suitable for improvement of Soft Clay and has the ability to shorten the drainage path. Also, the consolidation of clay is faster.

 Pre-Engineered Building Structure

•      In conventional steel buildings, the size of each member is selected on the basis of maximum internal stress in the member.

•      The hot rolled section has a constant depth, many parts of the member (shaded area) is structurally not needed.

•      The frame geometry of PEB matches the shape of the internal stress diagram thus minimizing material wastage and reducing the total steel weight.

•      The material saving is between 30% to 40% of conventional building.

Pre-Engineered Building Structure

 Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete

•      Fiber reinforced concrete is a composite material comprised of Portland cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, water and fibers.

•      Randomly distributed discontinuous fibres help to bridge across the cracks that develop post cracking “ductility”.

•      Fibers are generally utilized in concrete to manage the plastic shrink cracking and drying shrink cracking.

•      The fibers are bonded to the material, and allow the fiber reinforced concrete to withstand considerable stresses during the post-cracking stage.

Siphonic Rain Water System

•      Innovative design, construction and use of specialised material.

•      Siphonic rainwater outlets with anti-vortex device that can restrict the entry of air into the system to create a full bore flow. Water flows with negative pressure.

•      Siphonic system is 10 times faster and more efficient than conventional gravity system.  

Siphonic Rain Water System

Performance Louvers

•      Performance louvres are classified by their performance to rain defense and air flow.

•      Rain Defense Performance: Water penetration rating at a given louver face velocity is determined by the water penetration while the louvre is subjected to a 13m/s simulated wind velocity and a simulated rain fall at the nominal rate.

•      Air Flow Performance: Air flow performance is dependent on the air flow (volume), resistance to airflow (pressure drop) and rate of air flow (free area velocity).


For further information please contact business@ramoindus.com


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